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Services for Business
We provide well-informed decisions for any financial problems that our customers and partners can safely and confidently do what he likes.
Services for Life
We provide well-informed decisions for any financial problems that our customers and partners can safely and confidently do what he likes.

We offer balanced solutions to meet any financial objectives. We save your time, money and keep you relaxed to let you enjoy the things you like.

We strive for becoming a high-technology digital bank offering comprehensible products and individual solutions, which will make your life much easier.



We are a team of qualified specialists in banking sector, experienced in solving any financial tasks. Our customers always get the best solutions, since we dive deep into the substance of any issue and consider all potential risks and alternatives.


We are a modern bank of the digital era with our activities being ultimately open and transparent. At the same time we place high emphasis on our financial security and apply state-of-art security approaches.


We offer high quality services to meet any challenge, irrespective of its complexity and level. We will help you to run successful business and live a full life.

Individual approach

We don’t have ready answers for all occasions — we find ultimate solutions for any customer-specific tasks. We understand that any situation is unique, therefore we listen carefully to our customers and find an individual solution for each and any of them.

Full and short name

In Belarusian: Закрытае акцыянернае таварыства «Банк «Рашэнне» (ЗАТ «Банк «Рашэнне»)

In Russian: Закрытое акционерное общество «Банк «Решение» (ЗАО «Банк «Решение»)

In English: Reshenie Bank Joint-Stock Company (R-Bank JSC)

Authorized fund

35 987 879 (Thirty-five million nine hundred eighty-seven thousand eight hundred seventy-nine) Belarusian rubles

Registration and license

The Bank is registered by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus as of 9 November 1994, registration number 53.

Banking license No 14, issued by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus on 08.06.2016.

Registration number in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual entrepreneurs: 100789114.

Legal address

11 V.I.Ignatenko str., Minsk, the Republic of Belarus, 220035

Telephone: 8 801 1 003 333 (call-center)
Fax: +375 17 228 52 31
TIN: 100789114
OKPO: 28648518
Correspondent account at NBRB: BY98NBRB32000028800120000000

R-Bank JSC has the following licenses and permissions:

1. Banking license No 14 dated 21 September 2021, issued by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, covering the following transactions:

— attraction and deposit of precious metals and precious stones into deposits of individuals and legal entities;
— placement of attracted funds of individuals and legal entities in its own name and at its own expense subject to repayment, serviceability and maturity;
— opening and maintaining bank accounts for individuals and legal entities;
— opening and maintaining precious metals accounts;
— provision of cash and settlement service to individuals and legal entities, including correspondent banks;
— currency exchange transactions;
— purchase and sale of precious metals and precious stones in cases stipulated by the National Bank;
— attraction and deposit of precious metals into deposits of individuals and legal entities;
— issuance of bank guarantees;
— trust management of funds under trust agreements;
— issuance (emission) of bank cards;
— issuance (emission) of e-money;
— issuance of securities, confirming funds depositing and placement;
— factoring;
— provision of special premises or safe-deposit boxes to individuals and legal entities for custody of documents and valuables (funds, securities, precious metals and precious stones, etc.);
— transportation of cash, precious metals and precious stones and other valuables to banks and non-bank credit and financial institutions, their economically autonomous structural subdivisions, and securities delivery to the customers of banks and non-bank credit and financial institutions.

2. Special permission (license) for professional and stock activity with securities No 02200/5200-1246-1099, issued by resolution of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus dated 14.04.1995. License term — perpetual.

3. Special permission (license) for activities with precious metals and precious stones No 02200/21-00055, issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus by resolution No 110 dated 17.03.2004. License term — perpetual.

4. Special permission (license) for security guard activities No 33030/355, issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus by resolution dated 21.09.1999. License term — perpetual.

Membership in interbank unions, stock-exchanges, clearing centers and associations:

•Association of Belarusian Banks;

•International Payment System Visa International;

•National Payment System BelCard;

•Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication S.W.I.F.T.(member);

•Private Payment System Western Union;

•Private Payment System InterExpress;

•Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange: sections of foreign exchange, stock and term markets;

•System for Electronic Circulation of documents in Belarusian Securities Market;

•Automated System for Interbank Settlements in BISS System and Clearing System for Other Settlements in the Republic of Belarus.


We are a modern bank digital age, so our work is maximally transparent and open. At the same time we are concerned about the security of your finances and use the most modern methods of protection.


We offer a high quality service to solve any problems — from everyday to complex and non-standard.

Individual approach

We do not have ready answers for all occasions. We find balanced solutions to the specific problems of each client. So we understand that requests all different, so we strive to listen to everyone and pick up a customized solution.