Belarus becomes more open for opportunities to launch your own business. JSC Bank «Reshenie» supports these developments and offers legal entities and individual entrepreneurs to use the StartUp solution package for a quick and profitable launch of their business.

One year with free cash management and payment services is a unique offer to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs from the date of state registration of which has past no more than 6 months!

«StartUp solution» package will be completely free, which means that all Bank actions required to run the business project and carry out further cash management and payment services will be free of charge. JSC Bank «Reshenie» offers a combination of two multipurpose tools. First, free cash management and payment services, secondly — a new Internet Bank on a modern digital platform with mobile version and a currency trading platform.

Money not only save real time, but the time also saves the money. For example, cash management and payment services within the «StartUp solution» package allows transferring non-cash funds from your account without restriction on the number of transactions, in case payment orders are submitted via the Internet Bank. Mobile version of the Internet Bank, in turn, allows you to do it wherever and whenever you want.

In addition, currency trading platform radically simplifies and accelerates all foreign exchange transactions. Using mobile Internet Bank you can make much more transactions and much more profitably per unit of time, since the settings for each transaction are the most extensive, and the control in automatic mode eliminates many difficulties associated with dealing with currency.

For any startup, the first year is the most important and responsible. It is easier to cope with it if you have a VISA Gold, which will be issued free of charge under the «StartUp solution» package for transferring your business income, as well as Bank payment cards for employees under salary projects of JSC Bank «Reshenie» that are extremely advantageous for their flexibility.

JSC Bank «Reshenie» — your successful start!