Cheer up! Autumn starts with good news!

Cheer up! Autumn starts with good news!

The start of autumn is a splendid opportunity to prolong the holiday time and open the peak season!

JSC Bank «Reshenie» (R-Bank JSC) will help you to plan your trip with a wide range of special offers:

  • favourable terms of buying travel insurance;
  • get VIP cards Visa Gold and Visa Platinum at a 50% discount, Visa Eleсtron — free of charge;
  • a free account statement for visa purposes.

An attractive bonus!

Make payments after September 1, 2017 outside the Republic of Belarus with the use of VISA cards of R-Bank JSC and get up to 1,6 % of the payment amount back! Even if your traveling is limited to surfing the Internet, getting a cash back reward is real. You only need to make online purchases with your card on the websites registered outside our country.

Apply for a card to R-Bank JSC and enjoy numerous attractive bonuses!