First virtual card with cashback in Belarus

On June 5, Velcom (cellular operator) launched the country’s first virtual card with cashback. V-BANKING Virtual Card was created in conjunction with the payment system Visa and the Bank Reshenie.

A virtual card allows you to make payments in the Single Settlement and Information Space (further SSIS) (from payments for accommodation to mobile communication), buy goods in online stores and pay for a taxi. With the V-BANKING Virtual Card you can also book a hotel room or rent a car in online booking systems. You can use velcom card both in Belarus and in any other country of the world.

The virtual card is issued on the platform of the international payment system Visa, and the issuer is Bank Reshenie. The card is nominated in Belarusian rubles and is issued for a year, and the registration itself takes place in a few clicks. For this purpose, a smartphone is enough — you can open an account remotely using the v-banking mobile application. You do not need to visit the bank’s office, as well as enter your personal data: the Interbank Identification System provides all the necessary information.

The card can be paid without commission on the Internet and the v-banking mobile application, including in the SSIS. For greater security of online purchases, 3-D Secure technology and free SMS notification are provided.

For the first time in Belarus, a virtual card provides a return of money — the so-called moneyback. Back to the account comes 2% from each purchase on the Internet, and the balance on the card is charged 3% per annum. What is important, it applies to the calculations not only with the Belarusian, but also with foreign stores and services.

Only one virtual card can be issued for one mobile number. And subscribers of any mobile operator can do it. You can recharge the card free of charge through the «v-wallet» and from the cards of any Belarusian bank in the v-banking application. In addition, this can be done in the SSIS, in cash or from bank cards.

"Belarus is entering a new stage in the development of payment instruments for secure settlements. For the first time, a virtual bank card is available in the cellular operator application. It can be issued by every citizen of Belarus from a smartphone, and it does not matter which bank or mobile operator he uses. Everything happens in seconds, without unnecessary formalities and questions. V-BANKING Virtual Card demonstrates the possibilities offered to consumers by combining the efforts of the telecommunications sector and the financial sector,"said Velcom Deputy General Director Robert Dashyan.

The market of virtual cards can be one of the fastest growing. «The demand for them is growing all over the world, including in Belarus. The rapid development of online trading and online payments is stimulated by public interest in simple and reliable tools for payments in the global network, said Visa regional manager in Belarus, Moldova and Azerbaijan, Igor Kovalev. — Increasingly, virtual cards are drawn up in addition to those that are already open to provide a greater level of security. At the same time, their functionality is constantly expanding: in particular, one of the innovations of the V-BANKING Virtual Card will be the availability of a cashback, which is of great importance for the consumer.»

«Virtual card has many advantages. In addition to convenience (design takes place from a smartphone), we are talking about high security, privacy and versatility — you can make online payments and online purchases all over the world, „said Sergey Budnikov, Chairman of the Board of the Reshenie Bank.“ — The project is unique in that it involves three parties — a bank, a cellular operator and a payment system. Together we managed to create a map that has no analogues in the country.»

In the near future, the virtual map will become even more functional. By the end of the year, V-BANKING Virtual Card will provide its holders with new opportunities, including those not yet represented in Belarus.