Pay for any purchases with your phone in one touch!

“Reshenie” Bank in cooperation with the VISA splitter system announces the launch of the beta version* of the digital wallet in the Mobile Bank “Reshenie” Bank. The service will help you make contactless mobile phone payments.

Digital wallet is based on HCE (Host Card Emulation) technology using cloud-based VTS technology in Mobile application, which allows you to make contactless payments without physical use of the card directly with the mobile device.

A bank customer using payment cards and having a mobile phone with NFC module and Android operating system version 5.0 or higher can install a beta version of Mobile Bank “Reshenie” Bank in the Play Market.

Download beta version and start using now!

The digital wallet makes it much easier for you to pay for your purchases without losing time.

Advantages of digital wallet:

  • Instant payment up to 20 rubles — just attach the phone to the payment terminal and the payment will be instant, as if you pay with a regular contactless card, in other cases you need to log in to the application.
  • Safe payments uses a digital card number, that is, the phone does not store information about the main card and account. The technology guarantees the same high level of security, which is provided for any other transactions via VISA cards. Operations within a blocked phone are not possible.
  • One universal app for all payments.

How to use a digital wallet?

You can make payments in any trade and service enterprises equipped with payment terminals with VISA contactless technology.

*Beta version — this is the working version of the mobile application, which is in the development stage. If you notice inaccuracies in the application when connecting your digital wallet or making payments, please let us know, and we will promptly eliminate all deficiencies. Please contact us via Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, social networks, Your feedback will help make the app better.