Visa Virtual Reshenie bank's card that you can't lose

We are pleased to inform you that in the Mobile Application of the Reshenie Bank there is an opportunity to issue a virtual card — Visa Virtual!

Visa Virtual from Reshenie Bank is a payment instrument that does not have a physical carrier and can be used by you to make payments over the Internet.

You can open a Visa Virtual card for free and use it as a separate card, especially for online payments, transferring funds to it from other cards.

A virtual card is the safest way to make payments online today:

  • does not have a physical carrier, which means that it cannot be stolen or lost;
  • is not your main card, which means that you can safely pay it on the Internet on any sites, as well as link it to your accounts in the network, without fear for your money!
  • it is convenient to control expenses, because SMS notification is easy to set up, and it is provided by the Bank for free.

The card is issued for a year, and it can be replenished for free, just like any other Reshenie Bank card through the SSIS, as well as on the Bank’s website.

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